What others are saying

“Lisa’s has insightful questions and fully listens to my answers with a calm, compassionate and accepting demeanour which leaves me feeling stronger and more emotionally equipped to deal with my life challenges.”     ~ Holly

“Lisa is always available and reliable for a quick chat or long conversation and her clear unbiased insights allows me to gain new perspectives.”     ~ Christina

“Lisa’s innate ability to discern life’s gifts and life’s challenges so clearly is just one of her many strengths.  My good fortune in knowing Lisa has enriched my life across both ends of the spectrum and words simply cannot describe the level with which I cherish her and her wisdom.”    ~ Laureen

“Lisa’s remarkable example of family values reminds me, frequently, of recognizing my own values.”     ~ Jennifer

I made the decision to work with Lisa during a time where I was ready to make improvements in my life.  Lisa is extremely warm, caring and easy to talk to.   She has such a positive outlook on life which was immediately contagious.  Lisa’s dedication to her coaching was very evident throughout each and every session.  She held me accountable for my commitments, which for me was very much appreciated.  Lisa thank you for guiding me to be the best version of myself.”   ~ J