Take Care of Self First

“Putting yourself first, by taking focused care of oneself daily, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually results in loving oneself. “

self-careSelf-care is a priority and an intentional choice, without guilt.

Creating you own ‘putting yourself first’ daily personal mantra and discipline will fuel a life-long intimate relationship with oneself.

Putting self-care first strengthens your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capabilities in managing any expected or unexpected life transitions. The confidence gained from putting self-care first also supports you when conquering immobilizing fears.

How to incorporate Self-care

Self-care is attainable through working with a trusted self-care expert. Getting started begins with documenting and incorporating self-care goals. These goals can be managed by taking small self-care steps. As new habits form, which takes approximately 21 days, the self-care goals will begin to integrate into your everyday routine similar to that of brushing one’s own teeth.