Immediate On Call Advice

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  • All calls will be treated with the highest of respect and the information disclosed will be held in the strictest of confidence.
  • If the advice your require does not fall into an area that Lisa specializes she will recommend you to another trusted expert that she works with who will be available to confidentially support you with discerning advice and the undivided attention you require.

The Immediate On-Call Service caters to individuals requiring immediate or urgent advice in the following areas:

Experiencing A Serious Out Of Control Occurrence

A serious out of your control occurrence has happened that has disrupted your life and you require immediate outside perspective and objectivity from an experienced professional who will listen and help you process a solution and advise you on the best decision to make.

Need To Make Life Changing Decisions

Need to make a serious life changing decision and need outside perspective and objectivity from an experienced professional.

Require Life Or Career Direction

Not sure which life or career direction to take and need to process with an experienced professional who offers outside perspective and objectivity.

Emotionally Or Intellectually Stuck

Emotionally or intellectually stuck and need new perspectives from an experienced professional as to how to move forward.

Immobilized By Fear

Experiencing immobilizing fear, i.e. job loss; loss of a loved one; health issues; flying; being alone; starting a new venture; public speaking; what others may think about you; a job interview; dangerous animals; intimacy; etc. and need a compassionate and experienced professional to help you conquer your respective fear.

Married To An Entrepreneur

Married to or live with a partner who is a classic Entrepreneur and require words of wisdom, support and direction.